Crazy isn't it?

Why would a family that already has 7 children - adopt 4 more?

Why would a family of 9 that has one bathroom - have room for 4 more?

Why would a homeschool mom take on 4 more students that can’t even speak English?

Why would an older mom take on 4 more - when it should be empty nest time?

It’s a Love that’s crazy ... that's the only way to explain it – sort of.

We are a family livin' in abundant America, yet we don't fulfill the American Dream. Swimmin' up stream, while all the rest are swimming down. Kinda crazy?? Yes ... you could say ...I'm crazy in Love with a God that calls me to come with Him into a world of unknowns ... that He may become known.

Yeah, it's a crazy sort of Love.... but not to me.

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I am a wife of 23 years, mom of 11, sister to 5 and a friend to many. I am not my own and sometimes I forget that. I belong to a Beautiful God who smiles and enjoys me despite my lack. I am running the race in the 2nd half of life and fulfilling the heart of my God through adoption.


I just love the words-hopin to get one on Mother's Day!